Is Skin Care really important for a great Makeup Look?

One of the main questions clients and EVERYONE ask me when they know I'm a makeup artist is: what are the best brands for makeup that will cover all my skin imperfections? Unfortunately, there's no makeup in the world that will cover imperfections, but there's makeup that will correct and conceal imperfections that will make your skin look more flawless. The very first thing we should start understanding about makeup is that makeup is for you to look better, so you can feel good about yourself, and also to enhance your beauty but not create a new you. A lot of women use makeup to transform the person or themselves into someone they are not; don't get me wrong, if that's what you like you Go ahead and keep doing you! But my motto is, less is more. Yes you are already beautiful, maybe what you need is guidance on how to learn more about your skin, so you can choose the best products that will work for you.



Skin care is EXTREMELY, if not the most important part of makeup. If you have a good canvas then your painting will look amazing, even if it is the most simple one. Here I'm going to share with you some tips I follow and recommend in order to always have a young looking skin:

  1. MOISTURIZE AT ALL TIMES: Your skin is an organ, and like any other organ, it requires care. Make sure you hydrate your skin at all times, from head to toe. Since we are talking about your face, make sure you use moisturizer before and after makeup. Also, choose a good SPF, if you think you will be spending long hours under the sun you might have to choose a high SPF, like 50 or even 100, but if you work in an office or interior settings you can choose one from 15 to 30. Drinking lots of water is another great way to hydrate your skin too.

  2. HAVE A SKIN CARE ROUTINE BASED ON YOUR SKIN NEEDS: There are some products you need to always have in your routine, specially if you are an everyday makeup wearer: 1. makeup remover, 2. facial cleanser, 3. toner and 4. moisturizer. Choose each one of them depending on your skin type. I always recommend to consult with an specialist if you suffer from sensitive skin, rosacea, acne or any skin problems, so you invest in the right product that will help your skin get better.

  3. ALWAYS REMOVE YOUR MAKEUP: No matter what happened, if you got home late, if you had the worst day of your life, if you feel sick or if you are so tired that you don't even know who you are; PLEASE remove your make up. Try not to sleep with makeup on because when we are sleeping our pores open up to release toxins, but if we sleep with makeup, our pores get clogged and that's when the black heads or pimples appear. Also, you will notice the appearance of wrinkles, spots, or discoloration; and the skin can start to feel very dry or extremely oily.

  4. CHOOSE A DAY TO LET YOUR SKIN BREATH: I know, I know, I'm asking you to choose a day to not to wear makeup, but is for the sake of looking good! It doesn't have to be all the time, but at least once every 2 weeks, and use that day to pamper your skin. Maybe try that mask you always wanted to try, or get a facial done. The skin needs a break once in a while to restore and heal from all the products and chemicals we put on it, so make sure you give the skin that well deserved break!

Well these are my very own tips for you to have a great skin, I hope this was good information and that you put these tips into practice to look younger and younger!

Why do I love Embryolisse so much?

When I started as a Makeup Artist one of my main concerns was finding the right products for a flawless application. As I started learning more about makeup, I realized that in order to have a flawless application I needed to prep the skin using a great moisturizer; I started investigating and asking other professional MUAs and the product I got recommended the most was Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre.

It was love at first sight, or better, at first application! I can't say enough about it. This moisturizer is so versatile, I love the many ways I can use this product. I've used it to prep the skin, to moisturize the under eye area, to make foundations less thicker, to remove makeup, to correct makeup application, etc. It is also great for all skin types, including oily skin. You just have to make sure when you have a client with combination to oily skin, that you don't apply as much product as you will with someone that has dry to normal skin.

This is one of those products I really recommend to have in your kit, it will save you from having lots of other primers or moisturizers to prep the skin that sometimes don’t really work or don't have a good quality. If you are a beginner artist then this is going to be your BFF when it comes to skin care and it will be very helpful to have it as part of your routine because of the many uses you can give it, as I mentioned before. I love to have products in my kit that I can use not only for one task but for many, it makes me save money and time on the makeup application.



Some tips I can give you when using this product, I have learned from other artists and some I've tested myself, these are:

  • If you are working with someone that has very dry skin, you can apply a thick layer of Embryolisse to the face and leave it for 2 or 3 min to act like a skin mask. It will give some extra moisture to the face.

  • When you have a client that has had a very bad sun burn and the skin is kind of wrinkly, what I do is spray some rose water to the face, and while the skin is still wet I apply some Embryolisse; that helps the skin suck some water, get plump, fresh and ready for makeup.

  • For a sheer coverage foundation finish, you can mix a dime amount of Embryolisse with the foundation you will be using; that will apply very lightly and sheer, making the skin look very natural.

  • For the under eye area, I apply a little bit of the Embryolisse to provide some moisture and help the concealer not to crease much; specially on mature skin, this trick works wonders.

  • For combination skin, just make sure to apply a small amount on the T-zone and just focus on the cheek area for more moisture.

  • For waterproof makeup removal, just add a little bit of Embryolisse to a makeup wipe for an extra help. Waterproof makeup is not fun to remove, but this trick will make it easier to do.

Well, I hope this information was helpful, and you've learned something new that you can put into practice next time! 

See you soon!! 

Bye Bye!