Brushes! So many to choose from, but how many do you really need?

Yes, this is a very common and confusing topic for Makeup lovers. Right know there are a bunch of brands out there offering a whole range of makeup brushes, some expensive, and some very cheap; but do we really need one brush for every little step of a makeup application? The honest answer is NO!


Here, I want to share with you my must have brushes for you to have that will help you build your personal set; or if you are a Makeup Artist, then I recommend you to add these brushes to your kit. I will give you brand and prices for each brush.


  1. KEVYN AUCOIN THE ANGLED FOUNDATION BRUSH ($68): I know this is an expensive brush, but the way this brush blends and buffs the foundation, and how it feels to the skin is INSANE! The bristles are very soft, and dense for a flawless finish.

  2. REAL TECHNIQUES COUNTOUR BRUSH ($9): This very affordable brush is heaven when you want to apply bronzer, blush or highlight since it really blends the product to the skin very seamlessly, making it look very natural.

  3. BDELLIUM TOOLS MAESTRO TAPERED BRUSH ($17): I use this one to apply powders to the under eye area, or center of the face because of its pointed shape. It will reach every little corner of the face.

  4. BEAUTY BLENDER: I'm not a fan of sponges for liquid foundations, even if the sponge is wet. I feel like it applies very hard and too much, but I do use sponges for powders or cream products. It helps pushing the product to the skin when you gently press the sponge and make the application look more blended.

  5. SIGMA F5 LARGE CONCEALER BRUSH ($18): I love this brush to apply creams and liquid foundations or concealers, and also when I want to cover spots around the face to correct the skin.


  1. SMITH COSMETICS 247 FLAT ROUND CREASE BRUSH ($27): Amazing brush to define the crease and hit the corners of your eyes.

  2. SMITH CONMETICS 235 FLAT QUILL CREASE BRUSH ($27): this is a bigger version of the 247 brush, I use this one to blend the harsh lines of the crease and pack color.

  3. SMITH COSMETICS 220 EYESHADOW FINISHING BRUSH ($24): LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this brush to do a very defined eyeshadow look, and to pack color to the bottom lash line.

  4. SEPHORA PRO ALL OVER SHADOW #12 ($20): Great to pack color and blend shadows. It also works great wet, for shimmery or strong eyeshadow finish.

  5. SMITH COSMETICS 203 MICRO ANGLED LINER BRUSH: I use this one for eyeliner, to define lips and for brows too. Its shape helps you get the definition you want on whatever you are doing, is the perfect detail brush.


  1. SIGMA E05 EYELINER BRUSH ($9): LOL I know this is an eyeliner brush, but there's no rules for makeup. I use this one to help me outline the lips when I am not using a lip pencil. This brush has the perfect firmness, size and shape to do this job.

  2. KEVYN AUCOIN THE SMALL EYESHADOW SOFT ROUND TIP BRUSH ($32): Yes, I know, another eyeshadow brush; but hey, I love how soft and precise this brush is when applying lipstick or liquid lip products, and I think this brush is too small and too soft to use for eyeshadow application.

  3. SIGMA L05 LIP BRUSH ($15): Love this one because is flat and firm so it packs color very easily, love it for all type of lip products.

Well, these are all my must have brushes I recommend to you in case you wish to add, replace, or build a new brush set.

Eyeshadows, What's better Singles or Palettes?

Eyeshadows are a product that you will never stop buying, eyeshadows are like a drug for me! I like every color, texture, cream, pressed powder, EVERYTHING! But something I've learned throughout the years is that if you like so much eyeshadows like me, it's better to buy them in singles instead of palettes, and I'm going to tell you why.

Eyeshadow palettes are designed for people looking for specific looks that they will use everyday, or most of the time. That's why you can find palettes that only have warm tones, or very colorful ones, but rarely you'll find one that will suit all your needs. Although I do have several palettes, there's some that I don't constantly use. When I want to create a look I find myself using 2 or 3 palettes because some palettes don't have certain colors, etc. Basically from a whole 24 or more color palettes, you end up using the same 3 or 4 colors you loved from the palette, the day you decided to buy it. Palettes also tend to be more expensive than if you create your own buying singles; prices of a single eyeshadow can range from $5 to $20 dollars, but an eyeshadow palette can range from $25 to $300 dollars. Imagine buying a $300 dollar palette that you will be using only 2 or 3 colors to do your makeup?



Buying singles when you are a beginner MUA, or even when you already have a career is the most inexpensive and practical thing to do. You can buy empty magnetic palettes like the Z-Palette and have your favorite colors, and the ones you always use in a single palette. You can create your own, for example, I have a Z-palette where I only have my warm brown tone eyeshadows, from shimmer to matte, but only brown colors.

Some of the brands I know that carry single eyeshadows that you can buy and have a great quality are, Mac Cosmet`ics ($6.00), Makeup Forever ($17.00), Colourpop ($5.00), Anastasia Beverly Hills ($12.00). There's more, but these are my favorite ones.

I hope this was informative and helpful for you to take a better decision when buying products for your kit.

Bye Bye!